There's a design to what I did and said (word_waterfall) wrote in thirteenfiction,
There's a design to what I did and said


Title: Still

Based: On the Movie ‘Thirteen’

Ship: Evie/Tracy

Written by: Word-waterfall

Summery:  I stay still for a while .   A Tracy point-of-view-fiction.  Fouth One shot in a series of one-shots.

 cough, my eyes opening. My arm stings painfully and my neck clicks as I move. My legs are wrapped between hers, her arm around my waist- my blood on her fingers- her fingers wrapped around my wrist. Blood has soaked through my pyjama top and onto the sheet. I stoop breathing, not wanting to move from this spot, her breathing is hot against my back, her hair spilling over my shoulder. I stay still for a while.


“”Hey” She says, pushing my hair behind my ear, leaving flakes of dried blood on my skin. She smiles, “Good Morning” I smile back at her greeting, and turn around. She grins at me and places her hand on my waist.


“”Its cold in here” She says, I nod and shut my eyes. She’s running her hand under my top. I open my eyes again and place my lips on her cheek, she tuts quietly, her hand slipping my bra undone. I place another kiss on the corner of her mouth. She twitches her head so her mouth is in line with mine, and kisses me once- twice.


It’s defiantly, a very good morning.

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