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little girl- part One

just joined, thought i'd give it a whirl :)
summary---- starting after the very last scene in the park , things to remember, forget and fix.

Tracey sat on the swings and tried to recall the last time she really acted her age, thirteen, she was still a child, a little girl and now after trying to grow up too fast she had only managed to fall apart.
She didn’t want to hurt her family, her childhood friends, or even herself, it just happened that way.
After her downfall earlier, her mother finding out about the drugs, stealing, her self inflicted pain and Evie betraying her, she couldn’t bring herself to be angry anymore.
She knew Evie was messed up and in turn found other people to ruin, she didn’t really know if Evie had even liked her. It didn’t matter now.
Tracey had an intense feeling for her, whether it was because she felt sorry for her or because Evie made her feel grown up for a while, she could not understand why she still cared when really she should let her go, for the sake of her health.
If she could take back all those moments, she would choose not to because it would have only been a matter of time before she destroyed herself another way.

Walking home she thought of Noelle, how horribly she had treated her friend, could she even call her a friend now? Is that too much to expect?

‘tomorrow, I will make things right” she whispered to herself.

Mel was waiting in the doorway, she tried to smile at her daughter but could only bite her lip and hold out her hand.
As Tracey’s fingers became one with her own a tear slid down her cheek.

“please don’t cry mum, how are we going to fix this if we cry?”

….to be continued

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