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Title: Desperatly

Based: On the Movie ‘Thirteen’

Ship: Evie/Tracy

Written by: Word-waterfall

Summery: When we’ve finished unravelling and start winding again. A Tracy point-of-view-fiction. One shot in a series of one-shots


It wrenches my heart to turn away from Evie, her knuckles turning white as she clings desperately to the edges of someone’s thrown out refrigerator. It reflects the cold, hard bitch she is, my mind shouts,  but was she really that? My mind instantly recoils. I paused, seeing the person I idolised completely unravel before me. This is Evie, My Evie.




She’s not my Evie. Although she was mine in an odd way. She was mine in the way she hugs me at night, mine in the way she shares my experiences. Mine in the way I love her.


She turns her face away, pushing her face painfully to the cold metal. I want to reach out and stroke her hair. I want to take her in my arms and wrap myself around her so she’ll never hurt again. I can’t. Because she’ll hurt me again. She’ll burn, and poke and tear at me like a hungry animal.


I can still tell there is something there- something there. The way she takes my bloody arms, surrounded in my bloody sleeves, and tells me she loves me. The way she keeps her arm around me, keeping pain away from the outside world.


She can’t protect me from pain from the inside of our world. She deceives, she is a bitch.


But she’s my bitch.


I turn away, leaving her sobs to wrench my gut. She’ll be better tomorrow, and I’ll be better tomorrow, she’ll love me again.


When we’ve finished unravelling and start winding again.

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