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Title: Exploding.

Based: On the Movie ‘Thirteen’

Ship: Evie/Tracy

Written by: Word-waterfall

Summery: The world could have exploded around me. But I wouldn’t have noticed.

A Tracy point-of-view-fiction.  Second One shot in a series of one-shots


She watches me as I move across the room steadily. Nervously rearranging things, my hands shaking, my arms aching. This is hard. She bites the corner of her lip in a grin, her pupils wide and staring- smiling- but staring. She is high.


“C’mon Babe, come ‘ere” She coaxes, crawling over the bed, stopping at the edge and smiling, she rolls over and dangles over the edge, her dark hair spreading over the dark wood floor. She smiles from her position. I smile back albeit nervously.


My hands shake less now. My hurt of her only wanting me when she was high, breaking away when I think that she is asking for me. No one’s ever asked for me before. “Please…” She grins, rolling onto her stomach, not taking her eyes off me.


“Tracy” She whispers. Softly. Softly. My eyes shut, my hands subside to calmness. I open my eyes. Headstrong, Maybe I’ll only get this last chance to touch her, kiss her…


I turn around, my back on the cool plaster of the wall.


“Tracy” She grins again, sitting up. I move towards her, and she places her hands around my waist.


“Tracy” She says, as if she is claiming me. I take her smooth face in my hands, and kiss her.


The world could have exploded around me.


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