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My Thirteen Fiction is called Hugs And Tears.

Summary: Its a different version of the ending. Instead of Tracey and Mel hugging, I replaced Mel with Mason. So its an ending with Tracey and Mason mostly.

Tracey came home from school after fighting with Evie. Not exactly a physical fight, there was pushing involved, but most of it was just bitching at each other. Tracey was upset with Evie because she ratted her out in school about her fake ID and she found out on top of that that she was going to be held back. She had cried on the way home, shes never actually felt betrayal from someone who she thought was her friend when all along she was an enemy, a worst nightmare. Yet, she didn't want to give up.

Mason was at the dinner table, with his head down until he heard the door shut. She came in and put her backpack down. Mason looked up at Tracey, her eyes, that were red and itchy from all of this trouble she had gotten herself into. Mason had sad news, which Tracey knew but only half she didn't.
"Tracey, Luke told me what happened with you and Evie at his house." He confessed quickly, but in a low voice. Tracey sat down at the table with him. She didn't really care, she felt numb to any news, except the other half that was about to hit her.
"Trace, Evie told us everything" Mel said coming in the room quietly. Tracey looked around and saw her.
"What the hell do you mean?" She asked with an evil insecure look on he face. Mel came to the table and sat down and decided to get down to business with her troubled daughter.
"Don't talk to me like that, Tracey."

Tracey got up.
"Fuck this, I'm not being around any of you, Evie didn't say fuck about anything." She started walking but she was stopped by her mom's grip on her arm. She wouldn't be surprised if Evie did tell her family about this, she just wanted to be in denial until she felt better. But again, she was numb, but coming undone as her mom was making her stay.
"I told you, I'm not taking that tone from you, please sit down" Mel said. Mason was just watching everything happen, he knew that he and Mel needed to fix this complicated knot in their lives because it was turning their home into misery. He was only glad that it was getting fixed. Tracey slowly sat down, pissed off and sat there.

Mel dumped out Tracey's purse, and the most noticeable object was money. More than at least 300 dollars, but Mel added up.
"800 dollars, Trace" She said looking at her. Tracey looked at her. She automatically had words exactly 3 minutes later.
"This is Evie's shit, I had nothing to do with this." She tried looking innocent. Mel started crying more, knowing that she can't run her fingers through her daughters hair and make it impossible for her to be mad anymore. She then, looked in the doorway and There was Evie and Brooke.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Tracey asked looking at them. Evie slowly came in and Brooke followed.
"Trace, I'm sorry, I couldn't take the guilt" Evie fake confessed. But Tracey knew she was fake right at that moment.
"Fuck you, guilt for what?!" She snapped at her.
"Both of you are guilty of what you've done" Mel said. Brooke looked at Mel.
"Well, Mel, I think we know that your daughter is out of control, Evie came forward, shes put a bad impact on her, and she felt guilty." Tracey jumped up and looked at Evie, who was looking down, she knew that Brooke had it all wrong.
"You better correct her, Evie!" She yelled and banged her hands on the table in emotional anger.
"No, its true, she threatened me if I talked!" Evie yelled and pointed at the wound on her head from them getting high and punching each other.
"We were fucking high on some shit! Fuck you, Evie!" Brooke got up with Evie.
"Screw this, it doesn't matter, Evie is going to be repeat the 7th grade somewhere else, so were moving." Brooke informed everyone in silence. Tracey got up and ran to the bathroom crying. Mason looked up at Evie, who was leaving with Brooke.

"Hold on, I wanna talk to you, Brooke" Mel said calmly following her, she turned around.
"Mason, go check on Tracey for me" she said and went outside with Brooke. Mason nodded his head and got up slowly. He was unsure whether things would be better, but with Evie out of their lives, he knew for sure that things would change. Tracey sat on the bathroom floor with the dry blooded cloth that was always in its same place, along with the razor in her hand. She was crying softly, her stomach was pumping fast, making her breath loudly and she cried. Mason knocked on Traceys' door, and opened after she didn't answer.
"Trace?" He asked. He looked in her room and didn't see her. He heard her in the bathroom and knocked.
"Tracey, come out" He demanded in a tense voice. She kept crying, not paying attention to what was happening. He opened the door and saw her arm covered in blood. He immediatly got down on the floor and took the razor from her.
"God, Trace" He whispered with a tear in his eye and put the cloth over her arm and hugged her.

She kept crying and felt too weak to hug back. He held onto her tightly, and he cried a little bit with her.
"I hate everything, you and mom don't want me here" She cried. The blood soaked through the cloth and got blood on his fingers. He cried more.
"Tracey, I said that thing about dad because I cared about you" He explained with tears running down his face. Tracey's tears stopped after a while, she had scars all over her arm from pain, but now she felt nothing but love. The feel of her brothers' warmth around her, protecting and caring and watching out for her like hes done and couldn't do because she pushed away, well, it was good. And she hadn't realize how much she missed the feeling. Mason felt relived, that he could love his sister and feel it again. Before that, he still didn't feel love for his sister, he loved her, but he never felt like this, enough to hug her and feel good. He assumed he had been waiting to hear Tracey give up, whether it had to be done in yelling and screaming and blood on her hands or not.

Tracey fell asleep in his arms. He carefully picked her up and laid her on her bed, covered her up, and kissed her head. He came out and Mel came through the door.
"Where is she?" She asked almost walking past her until he griped her arm.
"Sleeping, mom" He said. She took a deep breath and hugged him. She began to cry.
"I think everything will be alright now" Mason said, assuring her. Predictably, They did go to sleep, but for once, tomorrow would be different for Tracey and Evie.
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