lleucu (lleucu) wrote in thirteenfiction,


A short one-shot.

Summary: Evie once again is with a strange man, and once again she's feeling the guilt.


Evie lay next to Tony in his cramped bed, atleast she thought his name was Tony, she couldn't be sure she was to high to remember. Suddenly the guilt kicked in, she'd blown Tracy off again. She worried about Tracy in a way she'd never worried about anyone before, when she thought about losing Tracy she felt scared. She'd never needed a friend before, it was the worst feeling in the world. She hated it why couldn't she feel for Tracy what she felt for her other "friends"? Tracy made her hate herself. Sweet, little Tracy who she'd corrupted, she'd given a voice to all the torments inside of Tracy and now she couldn't shut them up. She looked at the skanky digital clock in Tonys' skanky apartment, 3.00 am too late now. She'd make it up to her in the morning, again.

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